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A Boy Making Amends

When I received a phone call from my son’s school telling me that my son accidently broke the football goal post in the school field my heart sank. I went to school to have a short meeting about the incident with my son and the Deputy Principle. I found out…

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Hope and Transformation

From feelings of anger and distress to restored relationships and calmer and more positive behaviour This is a brief account of how seven angry parents journeyed together over 10 consecutive weeks to recreate and restore their heart connection with their angry, very disruptive and defiant teens and also to attempt…

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我是Whanau Marama Parenting中文项目的负责人,这是我加入这个大家庭的第五个年头,在初初接触这个实用的课程时,我从这些课程中了解到很多正面的教导技巧,至此我开始谴责我自己的母亲 – 你没花时间陪我、你没多多的鼓励我、你没做这个你没做那个…。这样的对话使我和我已70岁的母亲关系更加的疏远和充满隔阂。 (more…)

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“네가 나를 화나게 해”   

By Elizabeth Cameron


오래 전 내가 아이들을 양육할 때 깨닫지 못했던 게 있다.
아이들 때문에 화 나고 짜증 났을 때, 먼저 내가 어떻게 그 스트레스들을 관리해야 되는지 알지 못했고, 어떻게 해야 스스로 침착을 유지할 수 있는 지에 대해 배워 본 적도 없었다. (more…)

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在WMP(Whanau Marama Parenting)《有效的教导》这一课程中,我们一直强调家长和孩子“保持心连心”的重要性。孩子心中对我们的爱让我们教导孩子变得更容易些。 使孩子和我们心连心最重要的方式是陪伴孩子并给予他们正面的关注,让孩子感到他们对我们来说很重要。而给孩子正面关注最有效的方法之一是实践“暂停,转身,百分百关注”。也就是说,当孩子需要我们帮助时,或想和我们分享他们的事情时,我们停下并给予孩子正面的回应。


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What comes out of our mouth

It is very important that we positively connect with our children by acknowledging them in a loving and supportive way. In fact, we are encouraged by New Zealand research to even work consistently towards increasing our positive comments or positive acknowledgements. (1) Notice the word ‘connecting’ in the examples of…

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