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Tamati’s thoughts

I thought I had it sussed. My darlings love language must be quality time. Elizabeth was at the front of the session delivering to the parents, she said this. “Sometimes when we are at our lowest our love language will present itself.” Now my darling is totally independent and enjoys…

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Quality Time

As my girls get older they get wiser to what quality time can be. I suppose it’s like their vocabulary is getting bigger and they want to spend it in more ways than what they used too. Before I did a parenting course I would spend time with the girls,…

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Power of Prayer

Only 10 minutes of time in the day I’m not a religious person but I do believe in prayer or karakia. I karakia every night with my children before bed. Being a busy parent I only get 10 minutes before bed to spend quality time with my girls, so I…

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Positive Parenting

During the courses we always encourage the parents that they can parent in a positive way. That it is hard at first but over time it becomes second nature. Just like anything we do in life that is new at the beginning it requires a lot of effort to change.…

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My Own Energy Levels

To be the best parent we can be we need to be conscious of our own energy levels.   I know myself that if I don’t get some time alone to play a video game, read a comic or just having a nap it becomes very difficult for me to parent…

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Mumbo Jumbo

An organization called “Heartmath” in America is the leading researchers in the field of Neuro Cardiac Research. Basically it means that they study the heart and have found a network of connections there very similar to in the brain. Not only have they found out about these new networks but…

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