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原文作者:Ashley Soderlund

Peipei Wu翻译 Edith Yi 校对

Whanau Marama Parenting的董海英认为此策略可能不太适合青少年,在我们要求青少年规范自己的屏幕时间之前,先要看看我们自己有多少时间是用在电脑,Ipad 和手机上的。对于青少年越是公平与合理的,越容易遵守和接纳。


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When you forget you’re an adult

It’s been a while but our girls are at their nanny’s place for school holidays and you know what’s funny. Remembering that we parents are adults and we can finally watch those scary horror movies without the kids. It blew our minds that even without the kids the TV was…

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When to use time out

I thought I’d use this heading for this story to capture our reader’s attention.  So now that I have your attention this is not about time out. At least not the time out that is taught as a behaviour modifying strategy. This time out I’m talking about is giving your…

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Tips for Teenagers

I am now entering a new parenting journey called raising teenagers. It is honestly a new place to be. My children who were quite happy to do whatever I wanted, immediately now say “No!” They also question why they have to do things. Why I can’t do them instead and…

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