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在我们2017的这两期中文课程中,众多的父母反映情绪管理真的是世界上最难的事之一。为什么这么难,这些家长还要去尝试呢?最主要的原因可能是想让自己保持理性并过的开心点,但另一个很重要的原因是,父母们想成为孩子的好榜样,用自己实际的行动来教会孩子怎样表达情绪,释放情绪,然后平复情绪, 当被愤怒沮丧失望悲哀这些负面情绪围绕时,我们究竟该做些什么。


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Staying Calm with Kids

One of the most useful skills to have as parents is the ability to be able to calm down or de-stress. Staying calm with our tamariki is perhaps more important than many of us realize. Certainly there is enough evidence that parental stress can negatively affect the brain development of…

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