Whanau Marama Parenting


Whānau Mārama provides a range of parenting courses for parents and whānau of children/ tamariki aged between birth and the adolescent years. Whānau Mārama welcomes parents and whānau of all cultures and ethnicities.

Whānau Mārama courses are based on S.K.I.P. (Strategies with Kids Information for Parents) Conscious Parenting, Child Development and the 6 Principles of Effective Discipline.

There are Short Term and Long Term outcomes that our participants may achieve after attending our parenting courses.

Short Term

  • Tamariki and parents have a mutually respectful and  loving relationship
  • Tamariki are effectively and positively discipline without their parents/caregivers resorting to punishment
  • Tamariki successfully learned what their parents wish to teach them

Long Term

  • Strong, supportive, loving whanau where tamariki feel safe, secure and respected

As limited space, please enrol as soon as possible for next term by enroling online, emailing or calling us.


Effective Discipline
You will learn 24 practical skills and strategies of how to positively discipline your child by building a strong relationship with them. This relationship enables them to be more willing to listen your instruction and guidance while teaching them to take care of their own personal responsibilities. /// 你将学到非常实用的24个技巧与策略,以用于 巩固你与孩子的关系并能够使孩子更自觉听从 你的教导,更自愿学习如何承担自己的个人责任。/// 자녀사랑을 위한 부모 교육 한국어 코스
Parenting Adolescents
You will learn 23 practical skills and strategies to strengthen your relationship with your teen and help them to be willing to listen to your guidance and consistently take care of their personal responsibilities. /// 你将学到非常实用的23个技巧与策略, 以用于巩固你与青少年的关系并能够使他们更自觉听从你的教导,持之以恒的学会承担自己的个人责任
Positive Discipline for under 4’s
You will learn about your child’s brain development, their bonding to you, how to get them to listen, how to effectively manage when they test limits and how to deal with tantrums. /// 你将学到非常实用的17个技巧与策略,来了解宝宝的大脑发育特点;如何与他们建立亲密关系;如何让他们听话;当宝宝发脾气时,如果以正面的方式回应他们
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