Whanau Marama Parenting


Whānau Mārama Parenting provides a range of parenting courses for parents and whānau of children/ tamariki aged between birth and the adolescent years. We welcome parents and whānau of all cultures and ethnicities.

Whānau Mārama Parenting Courses are based on the 6 Principles of Effective Discipline from the Discipline and Guidance of Children: A Summary of Research. All of Whānau Mārama Parenting’s courses promote the use of non-physical discipline.


Effective Discipline
(Most suitable for parents of children aged 4 – 11 yrs) (적합한 대상: 4살에서 11살 사이의 자녀를 둔 부모)
Parenting Adolescents
(Most suitable for parents of teens aged 11 – 15 yrs) (适用于12-18岁孩子的家长)
Positive Discipline
(Most suitable for parents of children newborn to 4 yrs) (适用于4岁以下宝宝的家长们)
There are Short Term and Long Term outcomes that our participants may achieve after attending our parenting courses.

Short Term

Long Term

As spaces are limited, please enrol as soon as possible for next term by enroling online, emailing or calling us.