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Translated by Haiying Dong

有个人觉得和他妻子在一起越来越累。妻子不断地唠叨和抱怨,快把他逼到要决定和她离婚的地步。他去见拉比(意为先生夫子,系犹太人对师长和有学识者的尊称),对他讲述了他对于妻子对他的所有虐待行为超级沮丧和愤怒。拉比感到非常理解,并注意到了这位男子的怒气,就问他“为了你所遭受的这一切,你想不想报复你的妻子”。男人渴望复仇的机会,就问拉比,他怎么才能做到。 (more…)

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A Boy Making Amends

When I received a phone call from my son’s school telling me that my son accidently broke the football goal post in the school field my heart sank. I went to school to have a short meeting about the incident with my son and the Deputy Principle. I found out…

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Hope and Transformation

From feelings of anger and distress to restored relationships and calmer and more positive behaviour This is a brief account of how seven angry parents journeyed together over 10 consecutive weeks to recreate and restore their heart connection with their angry, very disruptive and defiant teens and also to attempt…

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我是Whanau Marama Parenting中文项目的负责人,这是我加入这个大家庭的第五个年头,在初初接触这个实用的课程时,我从这些课程中了解到很多正面的教导技巧,至此我开始谴责我自己的母亲 – 你没花时间陪我、你没多多的鼓励我、你没做这个你没做那个…。这样的对话使我和我已70岁的母亲关系更加的疏远和充满隔阂。 (more…)

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When you forget you’re an adult

It’s been a while but our girls are at their nanny’s place for school holidays and you know what’s funny. Remembering that we parents are adults and we can finally watch those scary horror movies without the kids. It blew our minds that even without the kids the TV was…

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