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When you forget you’re an adult

It’s been a while but our girls are at their nanny’s place for school holidays and you know what’s funny.

Remembering that we parents are adults and we can finally watch those scary horror movies without the kids.

It blew our minds that even without the kids the TV was stuck on cartoon network. We had to transition from parents to just being regular people. Leaving dishes in the sink and only dong the washing twice a week.

You don’t think about these luxuries as a parent. You’re doing washing every day, you can’t watch what you want to watch on TV and you kind of just adapt to your new role in life. Also another plus of not having the kids around is that you realize how much you miss them. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it certainly is true. Having space helps you realise how much a part of your life they are and what they mean to you.

Don’t try too hard to hold onto them too tight, sometimes you need space to remember how much they mean to you.

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