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Tamati’s thoughts

I thought I had it sussed. My darlings love language must be quality time.

Elizabeth was at the front of the session delivering to the parents, she said this. “Sometimes when we are at our lowest our love language will present itself.”

Now my darling is totally independent and enjoys telling everyone how great she is at doing things without me, however there are some strange times when she asks me to check a cake in the oven. Change a light bulb or check on something that I know she can do perfectly fine but all of a sudden out of the blue she wants me to do it.

I put my head in my hands and Elizabeth looked at me and said. What is it Tamati?”

I said. “I get it, my darling only asks me to check the cake because her love tank is empty.”

Whenever she would ask me to check the cake I would say. “Why?!! You know I can’t cook that’s just a waste of time.”

Every time she would ask me to do something and I would say no, her tank would just get lower and lower. No wonder we fought so much. I wasn’t speaking her love language.

If her love tank is full she doesn’t need me for anything, but when its low she starts asking for my help and when I don’t give it her tank gets lower and lower and we start having huge disconnects.

When I got home, all those lights I neglected, all those things she asked me to do were done. When she saw what I had done I nodded and looked at her and said “Whenever you need my help I will be there.”

She said. “Shut up you egg.” But I knew inside her, her heart was singing.

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