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Fatherhood take 2

I am going to be a new dad again.

I remember I wrote a story about turning back the clock and looking after a baby again, but all I really had to do was wait a bit and my chance appeared. So in about 6 months’ time there will be a little baby just waiting for me to use all my knowledge and experience from the last 6 years to parent my child differently. So what differences will there be?

I’ll teach him how to sleep from the start. I remember that every little peep would get me running and ruining baby’s sleep. Not this time. I’ll be consistent and bed means bed. That includes all those aunties and cousins that come over. Sleep means sleep. No interruptions.

I’ll let him learn things and not be in too much of a hurry.

Toilet training will be full of encouragement and there will be a patient daddy waiting with him. Even little things like letting him take time to eat. There is no rush because nothing in the world will be more important than time with my baby.

Being mindful of what baby can handle. I think I will be more realistic about what my baby can handle and feel good about taking care of baby when baby needs me. I was very self-conscious as a parent but now I will be more at ease with these feelings in the middle of any event where baby says. “I’ve had enough. WAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Talking every time, we are together.

I was a silent parent with my twins and didn’t start talking to them as I did things with them till they were about 4. Talking is such an important skill. It wires baby’s brain but also helps them to learn what we are going to do and how they can participate and be a part of it all.

Be good to myself.

No more negative talk. I’ll be forgiving of my mistakes and make sure my needs are met too. Like having a bit of time to myself when I can so that I can parent with lots of energy and a calm smile on my face.

Keep calm.

This is something I lacked at the start with my girls, I didn’t know how to keep my cool. I was always in a hurry but this time I plan on making sure I consistently, consciously, de-stress and keep calm around baby.

I’m making a bet that with these rules in place for the second time round I’ll be a better dad, baby will learn better, and everything will be better. At least that’s the theory until baby arrives, then we’ll see. Hehehe.

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