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The Power of Words

Words can be creative. They can build, restore, liberate, soothe, heal, teach, instruct, empower and bring into being what was not there before. Words can be destructive, rip down, hurt, upset, and cause despair and damage to relationships as well as a whole lot more. As parents, what we say…

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Suzie Jane

This is a true story of a young child’s effort to survive in the first few months of her life and the resulting lifelong impact it has had on her struggle to not over- eat during the tough times in her life. The Brain Wave Trust organization state that the…

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Staying Calm with Kids

One of the most useful skills to have as parents is the ability to be able to calm down or de-stress. Staying calm with our tamariki is perhaps more important than many of us realize. Certainly there is enough evidence that parental stress can negatively affect the brain development of…

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Quality Conversation

One activity that teenagers like to do is to communicate. Mostly with their friends. On Television One recently a teenager was interviewed about a proposed ban on mobile phones in movie theatres while the movie was screening. He stated most emphatically he would not be able to turn his phone…

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Parenting an adolescent

Parenting can sometimes be stressful for many of us. Each developmental stage of our children brings new challenges and new learning for us as parents. Perhaps at no stage is this truer than when our child enters the adolescent years. It often seems that what worked well previously all of…

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