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How to Survive the Morning Rush

Let’s look at a parenting scenario and break it down into what could be done differently.

Its 8.30am. Everyone is late, the house is in a panic, everyone is rushing and yelling “hurry up”. Everyone flies out of the house and even the ride in the car is tense. No one is moving fast enough, someone has left their homework at home and the baby starts getting wound up because day care is just around the corner.  The kids get booted out with a look out the window and a “Hurry up you’re going to be late.” When you get to day care baby won’t settle and you feel worse because you have to take off at the same time they claw at you for deserting them.

You tell yourself that you wish it wasn’t like this only to repeat the same pattern for 10 years.

So how could this be improved? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Go to bed earlier. Everyone. Kids need at least 14 hours sleep, babies, even more. Can you watch that late show you enjoy on the weekend? How can everyone get more rest for the next day?
  2. Wake up earlier. Simple way to make sure everyone stays calm and doesn’t have to rush.
  3. Prepare the night before, lunches, homework, anything they might need in the morning. Get them to help you prepare their own bags for school.
  4. Spend time saying goodbye. If you’ve followed these instructions, you should have plenty of time to fill up their love tank so they can feel supported as they begin school.
  5. For day care, spend a bit of time with them. Talk to your baby and say you will see them soon.

If it’s consistent and you talk to them every day. Your child is more likely to adjust to day care knowing you are coming back.

I know this works because this was me, luckily I managed to change my way of doing things at year five not year ten.

Ha, ha, ha.

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