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The future of parenting

I was thinking about the impact of technology and what I imagine may occur in the future.

I don’t think it’s impossible to think that robots will play some part in raising our children.

I remember I would come home from school and watch TV for 2-3 hours until mum said it was dinnertime or I went to play with my friends. Cartoons and Sesame Street shaped my understanding of the world. Now in 2017 my children will spend some time in front of the TV or the computer with a phone and a tablet on at the same time. Everything they watch will leave an impression on them on how they see the world. Now I understand how my parents felt when I told them, they don’t understand, they aren’t cool, and the music they listen to his old school.

My children are now separated by time from me and I cannot understand their world. It’s quite funny. I didn’t’ want to be a boring grown up but now I am, with all the boring, news watching, old music listening, old man, like my own parents. So back to the future. Could a robot end up taking care of our children?

Maybe. Put legs and arms on a TV or tablet and you basically have the perfect Nanny.

I mean the happiest moment for us was teaching our kids how to use the remote in the morning so we could get 30 minutes of sleep before they came in looking for food. Isn’t that an example of technology looking after the kids? LOL.

All jokes aside, we don’t know what effect technology will have on our children. Radios didn’t mess up my parents, and TV didn’t cause me to go blind like my mum said. Anyway robots may play a role someday but hopefully its with regard to washing clothes or taking out the rubbish. Now that’s something we need.

So how do we prepare for the day machines take over? I think the best course of action for any concerned parent is to be present around your children. They don’t need to be punished or have their technology taken off them.

They just need parents who want to engage with them and care about what they are doing. No technology could ever replace a parent who is present, caring and wanting to be with their child.

So to end here`s our favourite comment:

The responsibility of connecting with the child’s heart is the parents, not the child or the iPad.

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