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Power of Prayer

Only 10 minutes of time in the day

I’m not a religious person but I do believe in prayer or karakia. I karakia every night with my children before bed.

Being a busy parent I only get 10 minutes before bed to spend quality time with my girls, so I use that precious time to karakia with them. We spend some time focusing on each other and our family.

We hold hands and concentrate on the words we use and with great intent ask for good dreams, that we wake up feeling good, have energy for the next day and that our friends, family and most importantly each other are loved and safe.

It’s a great way to squeeze a bit of focused whanau/family time in before bed. But it also has another positive affect.

Words have power, imagination too. Have you heard professional motivational coaches say “Look in the mirror, say to yourself, I am strong, I have everything I need to be successful!”? It’s a simple principle, say something enough times and you will believe it to be true.

So when my girls and I pray we are not only connecting in a special whanau/family time but also creating a mind-set where we connect with our family and friends that are not with us and ensure that when we wake up we feel prepared for the day and feel good.

It ticks all the boxes while I figure out a way to create more moments of quality time during the week.

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