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Mumbo Jumbo

An organization called “Heartmath” in America is the leading researchers in the field of Neuro Cardiac Research.

Basically it means that they study the heart and have found a network of connections there very similar to in the brain. Not only have they found out about these new networks but they have discovered that the heart generates an invisible Electromagnetic Field that extends 2 metres in diameter from the body. They believe that this field of energy carries information related to our mood and feelings.

When I first heard about this field of study I thought it was a load of mumbo jumbo. That was until I made my own observations of this strange new science.

I was with my Aunty and she told us a story about our Uncle Jerry. He was a Tohunga in our family and one day they went to the Marae. My Aunty was only 6 or 7 at the time. She was sitting in the Whare while Uncle was out on the PaePae doing his thing, and then a woman came up out of the blue and started insulting her in Maori. This made my Aunty sad. Uncle Jerry came in and walked up to her and sad. “Babe what happened? “She replied. “Some lady was saying mean things to me Papa.” He said “I know; I could feel it outside.”

This got my brain going, other stories started to make sense. Like the time my girls came out of the Birthing Unit. I was holding one of them and stressing out. My darling looked at me and said. “What’s going on?” I said. “I don’t know if she is comfortable.” She grabbed a big bunch a pillows and told me to sit down. She propped me up and said. “Now, are you comfortable?” I said. “Yes.” She answered. “Then she’s comfortable.”

So here is my new belief. If there is such a thing as an electromagnetic heart field and it broadcasts information then if I am upset, my children are likely to be affected by that ‘feeling information’ in my electromagnetic field and will experience my emotion right along with me by matching my feelings.

I’m not so sceptical anymore about this thing, I’ve even changed my ideas about it and that it might be something our old people knew about before science discovered it. Anyway, I suppose after that big long story the key here is if you are relaxed your kids will take on that emotion by being in your electromagnetic heart field.

Dance with Me in the Heart’ Pennie Brownlee.

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