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Kids can do funny things. Throwing shoes off the top floor of the mall, climbing up the slide or randomly sitting in water show how it can be really frustrating or embarrassing for a parent, but these mini experiments are how a child learns about cause and effect, gravity, velocity and volume.

This may be a bit of an exaggeration of words but it is true that through experience they learn these amazing scientific principles. They might not know that this is what they are called but our child learns so much naturally when their shoe comes off, is flug from top of the mall, and hits the floor, or when they fill a bucket with water, pick it up and tip it over their head.

It is an exploration that involves their whole body, and at the same time creates new pathways in their brain on how things interact and their effect on them and the world around them.

From the first signal from their eyes looking at the sand to sending a signal for the hand to put in their mouth every single action is new and exciting creating new structures in their brain for taste, touch, sound and movement.

I can’t wait to experience this again and really appreciate the process of guiding and watching a child learn in this amazing natural, messy experimental way.

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