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It’s not too hard

I remember I used to think parenting in a positive way was hard. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I think there are even harder things to manage than kids.

Bills are harder. They definitely don’t give us hugs or make us feel loved. They might annoy us and try to get our attention but it’s nothing like the type of attention a child needs.

Also adult relationships are harder. We may spend way more time trying to impress people we don’t know or fixing mistakes with our other family members than our own kids. We have all these complex adult relationships that we have to juggle but our relationship with our kids is something we take for granted. Unlike adults they are stuck with us as their Mum or Dad.

What else is hard? Life is hard. Just living the day to day can be hard. All of life’s collective ups and downs can throw us around on a roller coaster ride. So compared to all of that, parenting for me doesn’t seem so bad.

I would rather spend 20 minutes laughing with my children than stressing out about life.

If we have disagreement like wanting breakfast for dinner, I would enjoy discussing with them what we can do. One of the greatest creations of our family menu is breakfast dinner where we have eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast for dinner. Keeping calm with kids isn’t a drag anymore because compared to the outside world, parenting is something that can be kept safe.

If I can keep it in my mind that compared to everything else in the world parenting in a positive way is easy, that will keep me in the right mind set. I think the most difficult thing in the world that has happened to me was having a toothache on Christmas Eve and finding someone to fix it, then having a root canal done. Compared to that anything my kids throw at me is a piece of cake.


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