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Greetings and Goodbyes

We teach this strategy as a part of the courses, and I think my first Newsletter story may have covered the same topic over a year ago but I suppose it’s great to revisit this strategy during this time of the year when we will be seeing our family as they come and go over the Holiday Period.

The amount of effort we put into our body language, the words we say and our intention plays an important part in keeping our bond with our loved ones strong when we meet and especially when we say goodbye, it’s what holds our connection together during the absence of connection.

Eunmi our friend and Whanau Marama Parenting course facilitator left for Korea this month, after being with us for over 4 years. We put a lot of effort into making her last day with us special but it was her final words at the end that resonated with us. “See you soon.”

“See you soon,” is an important phrase because it keeps the door of relationship open. When we say goodbye depending on how we feel and what tone we say it in can mean we may not see that person again. Saying goodbye can mean the door of relationship closes. But with a phrase like “see you soon,” we can replace sadness and loss with a feeling of hope that we might see them again. Even if it’s dropping our kids off at school or putting them to bed. See you soon would be a perfect way to say goodbye and leave the door open for when we see our children later.

So my final comments to close this story, Eunmi if you are reading this as you settle back into the life in Korea remember that we are thinking of you and that we will see you soon, whenever that may be.

Mauri Ora

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