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In the last few years one thing that I have learnt above all else when it comes to parenting is that we as parents tend to expect more from our children, and their behaviour, than we do of ourselves. We get upset when they fight with their siblings, express their…

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Every Kid is Different and Every Parent too

The theory of temperament and traits is a fascinating subject.  An understanding of our own temperament, our partner’s temperament and our children’s temperament will certainly help when it comes to parenting. Especially in our understanding of how best to respond to certain behaviour that is causing us concern.  I remember…

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Elizabeth’s Thoughts

Some people have told us that they were worried about attending a parenting course. They felt that others would judge them and would think that they were not good parents. They thought it was only parents who hit their children and didn’t know the first thing about parenting that went…

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It is a time when members of a family connect with each other in a loving way. It is a time when parents give their 100% attention to their tamariki/children. It may involve playing together, sharing a special time, listening to each other, having fun, sharing emotions and being together…

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Sometimes we punish good behaviour even when we do not actually intend to. This can lead to our child feeling discounted and often quite angry. E.g. The child/ tamariki wipes up the bench, but has forgotten to squeeze out the cloth and leaves the bench very wet. Parent says, “Great,…

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40 Years Ago

I wish I had the information about positive parenting. Thinking about the way I parented our four children, who now have children of their own, I have many regrets, although there were good times too. On one hand we were reasonably good parents. We both really loved our children, spent…

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