Whanau Marama Parenting


Here you will find some stories and write ups about our courses, skills and strategies and other useful information.

Elizabeth’s Parenting Tip of the Month

Course developer Elizabeth Cameron shares her stories about parenting and using the skills and strategies

Tamati’s Tips for Dads

Tamati shares his experience as the father of two twin girls, the ups, the downs and everything else about parenting, work, relationships and video games

Haiying’s Tips for Chinese Parents

Haiying is a parent of a young adult daughter. She works for Whanau Marama Parenting as a social worker and parent educator. She writes and translates some wonderful articles to support Chinese families understanding more about positive discipline and relationship building.

For Korean Parents

Stories from our Korean Facilitors Eunmi Kim and Jumi Lee about positive parenting from a Korean Point of View (Korean articles)