Whanau Marama Parenting
First 4 Years 

Our heart connection is stronger and growing each day. I amtuned intomy daughter and she trustsme.  Our relationship has been strengthened and enhanced through our understanding and love for one another. I am now more aware of when I amstressed and have learnt to slow down and talk tomy children. It was an excellent course where the results are instant.  I now feel less stressed and have a greater connection withmy sons.  I’m being more ‘present’ during our playtimes together.  An amazing course, brilliant facilitators, a warm, welcoming and awesome learning environment.

 Effective Discipline

I am becoming more aware of the importance of ‘connecting’ and having good communication withmy child. I can see how using ‘punishment’ does notmakemy children feel good; in fact, it inhibits their ability to feel proud of themselves. This course has helpedme immensely inmy parenting and has also been very healing – which was an unexpected bonus.  I have changedmy old Sergeant Major way of discipliningmy child and now treat himwith respect. We now have a supportive and caring relationship. My daughter has talked a lot about her feelings, She didn’t talk about her feelings before.       I am more confident thatm y son is going to benefitmore fromthe NZ was of child rearing. I knew aboutmyself that I needmore time and patience and that is already happening tome through this course.

 Parent Adolescents 

I have becomemore aware of the brain development stages of teenagers. My daughter is listening tomy requests and she loves to talk and share her opinion. My daughter seemsmore comfortable to talk about anything withme.  I’ve enhancedmy relationship withmy teen because of having quality time – we didn’t do this before.  I now ask permission before giving advice. Before I came to this coursemy daughter showed she was angry withme by givingme the silent treatment.  She thought I didn’t want to speak with her. But she’s starting to talk about herself when she is ready to talk.

 * 5 Love language course  

Our son is now trying to communicate his problems with words rather than fists. She is happier andmore at peace with herself whichmakesme happier and less stressed. I feel thatmy son and I aremore bonded together. My son definitely listens to me more. I have found out that the primary love language ofmy daughter is physical touch and I will do whatever I can to fill up her love tank. The course has definitelymade a difference inmy life. We have become closer,more bonded and connected.    


2013.  Some feedback from parents who attended Parenting Adolenscents

  • They did not listen to me before, but now they listen.  Now my son knows that I understand him. I active listen to him and affirm his feelings.
  • We praise each other and we use more physical touch. They know I do everything for their well being.
  • Thanks you so much. I now know how to keep a good relationship with my girl. So we’ve now got good relationship.
  • To meet you and learn from you has been a my life changing experience for me. All the love that I received from you is going to pass onto my beautiful tamariki everyday. However we still know that our life is full of ups and downs, but over the hill there’s always a special reward. I am going to enjoy my motherhood. Thanks a lot.
  • Thanks you so much. You showed me valuable attitudes for teenagers. The skills and strategies touched me a lot. I am ready to be a more mature mum. 
  • I treasure the unforgetable courses and your support and encouragement. The strategies I learned will keep me working harder to be a qualified mum and bring more happiness to my family. Thanks.