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‘Naughty kids’ might be the clever kids

The kids that are perceived as naughty or who misbehave are sometime the clever kids, who are very proactive or good at problem solving.

Therefore, whenever a problem for him/her arises, for example, there is a crack on the floor, a hole in the wall or having to floss their teeth, they quickly figure out a solution themselves. Then they act on it quickly by putting glue on the floor, sticking cardboard on the wall, and throwing their floss in the toilet. These ‘creative ways’ of problem solving normally make us parents so mad.

However, if we could see through all these actions to how clever and smart they are, and understand their personal needs, it would help us to be less angry and more understanding. We would have more empathy for them and hopefully be calmer to help them to seek a solution together with us that was more positive and productive.

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