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Parenting an adolescent

Parenting can sometimes be stressful for many of us. Each developmental stage of our children brings new challenges and new learning for us as parents.

Perhaps at no stage is this truer than when our child enters the adolescent years. It often seems that what worked well previously all of a sudden does not work well. Overnight, our young teen has developed a mind of their own with strong points of view and opinions. These tend to be shared at such times as when they are being asked to do something or to stop doing something.  Arguments frequently erupt over all kinds of seemingly day to day mundane situations such as emptying the dish washer and keeping their room tidy. At times it seems they tend to specialize in being reactive and hypersensitive to things we say and comments we make. This is especially so when referring to our tone of voice and even because we maybe just looking in their direction.

So if our teen is behaving a bit like the above we don’t need to get too worried, unless it becomes very serious. It is all part of the adolescent developmental years and if we can keep a cool head during these times in the end it will be better for our ongoing relationship with our teenager.

It is however during these times the major challenge for many of us is knowing how to set good limits and boundaries while at the same time maintaining and strengthening our relationship with our teen. Maintaining a strong heart connection between our adolescent and our self is often difficult but also vital. However, the importance of this ‘connection’ may not at first be obvious. For our teen to successfully navigate the many ups and downs of their adolescent years they need our support and guidance perhaps more than at any other time. The good news for us is having a mutual loving relationship between us and them actually promotes and enables our teen to more often listen to our wisdom, guidance as well as our expectations.

Whanau Marama Parenting invites you to attend our Parenting Adolescents course where you will discover lots of positive skills and strategies to help you keep the heart connection and as well learn how to inspire a willingness from within the heart of your teen to keep within your limits and boundaries.

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