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In the last few years one thing that I have learnt above all else when it comes to parenting is that we as parents tend to expect more from our children, and their behaviour, than we do of ourselves.

We get upset when they fight with their siblings, express their anger in less than positive ways, spend too much time on technology – iPad, computer and even mobile phone, don’t read enough books, and of course, don’t always listen to us – and a multitude of other less than desirable behaviours.

This could be seen as a little over the top when if we often argue with their father, express our anger by raising our voice, spend quite a bit of time on our phone, watching TV and searching the internet, with little time actually spent reading a book and sometimes even pretending to listen to them (at least I did all of the above when my children were younger – except being on the internet as I did not know how to even turn a computer on in those days).

So I guess it all comes down to one thing. They learn from the best!

Thankfully they learn from us how to behave really well to!!!

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