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Do your children fight and scrap with each other?

If you are like me – just about pulling your hair out over your children fighting I recommend listening to this informative 30 minute podcast.

When my four children were little they used to fight a lot. They fought every day, sometimes many times a day. This was my biggest stressor, it upset me greatly and I tried relentlessly to stop it. I just wanted them to get on together. But it continued on and on.

In those days I didn’t know that there was a positive aspect to conflict. It certainly would have made a difference if I had known that at that time.

I have just listened to Psychologist Warren Cann talking with 3RRR radio host Jacinta Parsons about fights between children.

He states that children need to learn how to interact with people and get along with each other. Conflict is unavoidable in life, but there are things parents can do to help their children learn how to resolve conflict in a constructive way.

Children fighting podcast | Raising Children Network (click here to listen)

Psychologist Warren Cann talks with 3RRR radio host Jacinta Parsons about children fighting. Warren has tips to help parents deal with conflicts and aggression. Suitable for: All ages | Category: Parenting


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