Whanau Marama Parenting


(Most suitable for parents of teens aged 11 – 15 yrs)

You will learn 23 practical skills and strategies to strengthen your relationship with your teen and help them to be willing to listen to your guidance and consistently take care of their personal responsibilities.

你将学到非常实用的23个技巧与策略, 以用于巩固你与青少年的关系并能够使他们更自觉听从你的教导,持之以恒的学会承担自己的个人责任

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  • Module One: Understanding our adolescent
  • Module Two: Parental Stress Management
  • Module Three: Strengthening our relationship with our adolescent
  • Module Four: Teaching Behaviour    
Parenting Adolescents in English - 2019 Term 1
2019 Term 1 (9 Weeks)