Whanau Marama Parenting

Cameron Vos

I am the father of my treasures four year old Delaney and two year old Avarne, and husband of 6 years to Cassandra. My deep interest in the success of families began during my service as a church unit leader in Fiji, and I continued to develop my understanding and ability to work with people during the next seven years of undergraduate and graduate study in applied mental health, psychology and psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology.

My wife and I chose a Whanau Marama course specifically tailored for our family, and we got exactly what we needed; tailored ways to get closer to our daughter, how do discipline and deal with challenges without anger, and research based information on how to successfully build our relationships for the future. We were inspired and I gladly accepted the invitation to sit on the Whanau Marama Parenting Board.

Whanau Marama often has the opportunity of being the first positive parenting organization many families have worked with, and learning new ways of parenting can sometimes be a painful and challenging experience as past difficulties are bought to the surface. I bring my therapeutic training and experience to the Board as we work to create courses and policies that support our staff and clients to always get the help and safety that they need.

I am currently working as a regional sales manager for a solar and renewable energies company.

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